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Students Against Suicide 2018
Students Against Suicide is our National Awareness and Solidarity Campaign for 2018. Students from across the country contact us daily asking why more isn't being done about youth suicide specifically. YSPI's Schools Programme will reach around 24,000 students in schools and colleges across the country this year but we don't receive a cent from the government. We want 2018 to be our year of awareness, our year of solidarity with the families, friends and fellow students of those young people who have died by suicide.
Skydive Against Suicide 2018
Challenge yourself with Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland and sign up to our Skydive against Suicide. This is our biggest fundraising campaign for 2017 and we’re hoping to encourage people from all over Ireland to participate in YSPI Skydive against Suicide.

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  • Changes to Event Registration
    There were a number of issues in 2017 with fraudulent or inappropriate use of YSPI fundraisisng materials.  PLEASE NOTE that registration for fundraising events is solely at our discretion and we can refuse or cancel registrations if necessary.  
  • School Visit Bookings 2018
    School Visit dates are still available for March & April 2018.  Please call Tony on 021 242 7173 / 01 485 3827 to discuss your school visit.
  • Changes to Event Sponsorship
    As of 1st January 2018 we are no longer issuing Fundraising Certificates upon signing up to one of our events. Certificates are now only issued where a business may require confirmation from the charity that a genuine fundraising event is being planned, or for an application to An Garda Siochana…
  • Campus Representative Programme 2018
    You can join YSPI as a volunteer Campus Representative and help promote our vital work in your school or college "because one life lost is one life too many" YSPI are looking to improve our services for secondary schools, colleges and universities around the country, and as part of this…
  • YSPI Annual Report & Audited Accounts 2016
    YSPI's Annual Activity Report and Audited Financial Statements for financial year 2016 are now available to view online. Click HERE to view the Annual Report and Accounts in full

Please Supprt Our Work

chalk board legs text2donate schoolsv2Please help fund our Schools Programme 2018 by texting YSPI SCHOOL to 50300 to send us a €4.00 donation.

Every 50 text donations will cover the costs of sending a specialist team to visit a school or college during 2018 so for less than the cost of a pint you can help to save young lives throughout Ireland.

100% of your €4.00 donation goes directly to Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland across most network operators. Some network operators apply VAT which means that a minimum of €3.25 will go to Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 680 5278.

Charity Income

2014 44,399 50,000 -5,601
2015 49,329 60,000 -10,671
2016 120,701 100,000 20,701
2017 95,261 100,000 -4,739
2018 43,724 100,000 -56,276
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Warning Signs

Warning signs may include but are not limited to:
Withdrawing from family and friends
Having difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly
Sleeping too much or too little
Feeling tired most of the time
Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight
Talking about feeling hopeless or guilty
Talking about suicide or death
Self-destructive behaviour like drinking too much or abusing drugs
Losing interest in favourite things or activities
Giving away prized possessions
Mood swings
If a friend mentions suicide, take it seriously. If they have expressed an immediate plan, or have access to prescription medication or other potentially deadly means, do not leave them alone. Get help immediately.


The Samaritans116 123
Pieta House1800 247 247
Aware1890 30 33 02
ISPCC Childline1800 66 66 66
Teen-Line Ireland1800 83 36 34

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